Control your cloud costs, without sacrificing cloud performance.


Pay for the resources you need, when you need them, without capping performance.


Reduce costs by aligning your AWS infrastructure with your business and technology needs.

Cut AWS Spend

Eliminate wasteful spending and cloud sprawl with automated cost-saving activities.

In the face of ever-evolving cloud technologies and changing business needs, it may seem nearly impossible to keep your technology infrastructure both robust and economical. We can help you manage and monitor both your architecture and your monthly spend, making sure that your cloud stays fast, secure and stable and that you’re allocating your resources efficiently and strategically.


Our partnership with CloudHealth helps us monitor and manage your AWS cloud spend without diminishing your infrastructure’s performance.

  • Consolidated Dashboards and On-demand Reporting
  • Reserved Instance Utilization Analysis
  • Migration & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Assessment
  • Agile Governance Control That Monitors Spend

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Migrating to the cloud promised to give you unprecedented flexibility and power, at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise data center. Yet too many companies find the post-migration reality falling short of this promise, with costs steadily rising over time and no clear improvements in performance or flexibility. Our strategic cost optimization will help you get your spend under control and give you confidence that you’re spending wisely.

REVIEW: Architecture Audit

Especially if you’ve been in the cloud for several years, chances are good that your infrastructure and cloud spend are bloated by dormant resources. We’ll review your system and identify volumes and instances that are no longer in use or which can be replaced with newer, more cost-effective solutions.

REDUCE: Resources Rightsizing

We’ll make sure you’re not overspending on resources you don’t really need and align your RDS, EC2, and EBS purchases with your storage and processing needs.


AUTOSCALE: End Over-Provisioning

We’ll integrate autoscaling so your architecture will scale up to meet the demands of usage spikes when they occur without burdening your budget with paying for peak usage at off-peak times.

LEVERAGE: Strategic Purchasing

How you structure your cloud resource purchases can make a significant difference in your monthly and annual spend. Effective use of Reserved Instances and Spot Instances, for instance, can dramatically lower your cloud costs. We’ll identify opportunities for you to purchase the resources you need for less, without any hit to performance.

STRATEGY & DESIGN Solutions Architecting & Consulting

INNOVATE: Proactive Cloud Management

The cloud is a rapidly changing technology landscape, so optimizing your cloud spend isn’t a one-and-done project. Keeping your system operating at optimal efficiency requires ongoing oversight and management. G2’s team of AWS Certified Solutions Architects will make sure your infrastructure is benefiting from the latest tools, technologies and innovations, so you’ll never overspend for outdated technologies or architectures.


If you’re trying to reduce your cloud costs, spending additional money to engage a partner may seem like the exact wrong thing to do.

Yet the record at G2 shows it works, particularly because working with G2 delivers benefits beyond a reduced AWS bill. That’s because an infrastructure that’s been optimized for cost has also been architected in the most efficient, scalable manner, with the right technologies and resources to support and fuel the growth of your business.

So, yes, you’re pretty likely to save some money. But that’s really just the beginning.


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