CommunityCo Automates Code Deployment and Servers with Ansible

Using Ansible Tower, CommunityCo can now allow their global development team to update their application functionality 24/7. These changes can happen quickly and consistently, which has led to reduced downtime and increased the number of deployments
Kiril Dubrovsky
Senior Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group

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CommunityCo had minimal code deployment automation and no server automation. All server deployment tasks were processed manually. Unsurprisingly, deployments ate up a lot of time and created serious potential for both human error and inconsistencies between development and production environments.

The Solution

Using Ansible’s Amazon Web Services cloud module, G2 architected a solution for CommunityCo to better manage updates with automation by:

  • Deploying and configuring Amazon Elastic Load Balancers and Autoscaling Groups
  • Automating EC2 and RDS instance deployment across multiple application stacks
  • Scripting rolling updates for patching and overall release management from version control
  • Enabling application installation on the fly via automated AMI bundling

The Results

Today, CommunityCo benefits from:

  • A repeatable deployment process, facilitating the creation of UAT and SIT environments with the push of a button
  • The ability to release code into production in seconds
  • A reusable and consistent process that helps mitigate human error
  • A clear rollback strategy that mitigates the impact of unforeseen anomalies

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