Courtagen Deploys, Scales And Encrypts Its Mobile App

Courtagen Life Sciences provides individual genomic analysis for neurological and metabolic disorders, delivering tools that allow researchers and clinicians to make better decisions regarding patient care and drug development. Courtagen is committed to helping physicians, families and children suffering from neurological disorders.

The Challenge

As Courtagen grew, it encountered challenges while migrating from EC2-Classic to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

G2 helped Courtagen implement a highly scalable and resilient bioinformatics solution, performing genetic sequencing on mobile devices through MongoDB, StarCluster and AWS services, all while meeting HIPAA infrastructure requirements.

We needed to focus on our core competencies. Even if we wanted to be number one at running a datacenter, we’re not going to compete with Amazon
Brendan McKernan

The Solution

By working with G2, Courtagen received:

    Automatic scaling of compute clusters prepared Courtagen’s mobile app for fluctuating demand.
    Multiple availability zones provided strong resistance to server failure.
    End-to-end data encryption protected patient information and ensured HIPAA compliance.

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