Percussion Contains Costs with Ansible Driven Docker Containers

Ansible playbooks have allowed us to automate over 50 individual steps at Percussion.
Kiril Dubrovsky
Senior Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group

Percussion Software, is a web content management system created with marketers in mind. Percussion makes it easy and affordable to create and maintain engaging and modern websites to increase traffic, drive revenue, promote thought leadership, and create compelling online customer experiences. Learn more at

To contain costs and streamline operations, Percussion Software needed a way to consolidate its multi-tiered SaaS application stack into a single EC2 instance for every customer.

The Challenge

Percussion Engineering and G2 developed an Ansible driven Docker container deployment and configuration strategy that included:

  • Deployment of an Amazon VPC, as well as configured subnets, routing, security groups, S3 buckets and Route 53
  • EC2 instance deployment in the Amazon VPC
  • Installation of Docker (and additional support services) onto EC2 instances
  • Pulling appropriate Docker containers into an EC2 Docker host
  • An updated inventory table in Amazon DynamoDB

The Solution

Percussion Software, now has a fully automated (with an end-to-end product deployment) process for spinning up new customers. Its sales team can now easily execute processes without involvement from technical operation resources, which, in turn, enables Percussion Software to move faster with greater flexibility to operate at peak potential.

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