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IT, Sales, Marketing And DevOps Careers That Accelerate

Growing a business is hard. We know.

G2 designs and manages your cloud so you can automate, scale and accelerate your business.

The majority of our clients share the same ambitions and face the same challenges as us. Successfully navigating the turbulent waters of start-up is something we are intimately familiar with. Providing services to these fast-moving, nimble and innovative companies is where we excel. G2 is an exciting place to be, and we love the energy that comes from working with these organizations.
Glenn Grant | CEO

The G2 story starts in 2008,
at the onset of the Great Recession …

Working as a vice president of managed IT services during the most trying period in recent history, H. Glenn Grant had a radical (some might even say “crazy”) idea: I should be working for me, at the company of my dreams.

Armed with lessons learned in the “dot bomb” era, Glenn set out to create a managed cloud services firm offering strategic, white-glove service for entrepreneurs. In 2009, Glenn launched G2 Technology Group, Inc.

For years, we’ve helped growing businesses scale and succeed through strategic and flexible managed cloud services.

Our Innovation, Your Potential

As a young company forged in the face of adversity, we thrive in the entrepreneurial space.

Whether we’re launching and scaling your SaaS product or managing your company’s cloud environment, our mission is clear: help you achieve your business goals using a technology platform that’s robust, responsive and reliable.

Innovation + Expertise = Growth

The DevOps Accelerator Platform

360° DevOps Lifecycle Management

We launch and scale your SaaS application fast, automating key processes to make continuous improvement and delivery effortless.

The Accelerators

Boston’s most talented Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers work as an extension of your team, creating, monitoring and maintaining your dream cloud.

3A Benchmarking

Every week, month and quarter, we compile key performance metrics and report to your leadership team, adjusting our cloud strategy to maintain high velocity.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

  • Cost Optimization
    Our Solutions Architects analyze your AWS spend and propose strategic solutions that match pricing to needs and preserve flexibility.
  • Availability Monitoring
    We provide a customized monitoring platform to track core services and applications, offering detailed issue alerts in real time.
  • Configuration And Management
    We manage AWS’s full range of features and products day to day, getting you more value for the price you pay.

Bringing Big Ideas To Life

Entrepreneurship is our passion. Every year, we give Boston’s best, brightest and hungriest a chance to bring their vision to life.

Boston’s Big IDEA (Innovation District Entrepreneur Award) lets entrepreneurs showcase their success as visionaries and compete for a chance to win business and technology consulting, technical expertise and branding assistance from G2.

IT, Sales, Marketing And DevOps Careers That Accelerate

H. Glenn Grant

Founder, CEO And Chief Visionary

H. Glenn Grant (you can call him “Glenn”) has over 20 years of experience working in the IT support industry, in both educational and commercial sectors. As a senior executive in IT, Glenn helped pioneer small business IT outsourcing, transitioning his firm from a “break-fix” mentality to proactive, results-oriented IT management.

Today, Glenn is an entrepreneur, visionary, pro-geek, husband, father and rock & roll outlaw. A highly active Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Boston board member, he serves as chairperson for the EO Accelerator program. Inspired by his “hippie” UMass Amherst roots, Glenn also co-founded the Boston Area Sustainability Group in 2009.

Enough About Us …

Don’t get us wrong:
We love talking about ourselves. After all, we’re only human.

But, we love talking about you more. If your entrepreneurial business is ready for Managed DevOps or Cloud services that make rapid, sustainable growth possible, we’re waiting for your call.

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