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Amazon Web Services

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

G2 Tech Group is one of the longest running AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in the country. Our Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers focus solely on AWS’s cloud, providing our customers with unparalleled expertise when it comes to designing, developing, deploying, and managing their cloud infrastructure.

DevOps Competency

G2’s Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers are experts at building scalable infrastructure in the AWS cloud and streamlining code development and deployment.

Life Sciences Competency

The AWS Life Sciences Competency was awarded to G2 Tech Group for managing services that transcend capacity constraints and allowed our clients to leverage enterprise offerings while reducing costs.

Healthcare Competency

Amazon Web Services has changed the way healthcare companies operate in the cloud and G2 has been part of that journey since the very beginning. As one of the inaugural partners,  G2 have proven success in building HIPAA compliant solutions for healthcare companies that securely store, process, transmit, and analyze clinical information.

Channel Reseller Partner

As a AWS Channel Reseller Partner, G2’s clients get direct access to Amazon Web Services’ business support at no additional cost, regardless of their monthly spend.



G2 Tech Group and LogicMonitor have partnered together to provide the best in class monitoring platform to our customers. It is an essential tool for alerting and escalating.

“LogicMonitor has granted us greater visibility into our customers’ infrastructures, especially those with substantial AWS deployments, and its built-in alerting and escalation chains have delivered time- and cost-savings.”

Katie Paugh, Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group



Ansible is the simplest way to automate in the cloud, from clouds to containers and everything in between. Ansible allows G2 Tech Group to manage complex deployments by adding control and delegation to the environments.

“With Ansible, our clients can update their application functionality 24/7. These changes happen quickly and consistently, leading to reduced downtime and increased the number of deployments across the board.”

Kiril Dubrovsky, Principal Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group


CloudHealth Technologies

G2 Tech Group’s partnership with CloudHealth Technologies allows our customers to minimize their AWS spend and maximize their value with consolidated dashboards and on-demanding reporting, along with agile governance control that monitors their spend.

“CloudHealth is essential for managing and optimizing our clients’ AWS spend. The ability to report by environments and tags makes it easy to visualize spending and provides essential insight into forecasting and RI purchasing.”

Katie Paugh, Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group



With Okta, we give our clients simple and robust access management of their cloud through a single sign-on across all of their technologies and services.

“Okta’s single sign-on system allows us and our customers to easily manage accounts across a variety of tools and technologies in the cloud through a single application.”

Jason Gay, Sr. Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group



Meraki provides a full line of cloud-managed hardware and virtual appliances for security, networking and application control. G2 uses Meraki to give our clients reliable network security that’s easy to manage and easy to scale.

“With security appliances extending from wireless access points all the way to the cloud, Meraki helps us provide fully integrated security across a client’s entire network.”

Kiril Dubrovsky, Principal Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group


Threat Stack

Threat Stack and G2 Tech Group enable our clients to scale with confidence by identifying and verifying insider threats, external attacks and data loss in real-time. Threat Stack is the only fully integrated, cloud-native security platform that won’t slow down your operations.

“With Threat Stack’s AWS CloudTrail integration, we know exactly what is happening with each of our customers, who is doing it and when. It is an essential security tool for the cloud.”

Kiril Dubrovsky, Principal Solutions Architect | G2 Tech Group


Start leveraging the power of the AWS cloud to drive growth in your business. Call us at 617-500-8688 x1 or fill out the form below to connect with one of G2’s AWS Certified Solutions Architects.