G2’s AWS Cloud & DevOps experts give you access to specialized knowledge and extra capacity when your team needs it.


We’ll help you make sure you’re getting a strong return on your cloud spend.

SECURE: AWS Security Best Practices

We’ll set up intrusion detection to protect you from both internal and external vulnerabilities.

Release Automation

Accelerate releases with a streamlined CI/CD pipeline.

Technical Assessment

Our experts can help you solve nearly any cloud challenge.

No matter how good your internal team is, leveraging the experts at G2 allows you to tackle additional initiatives with speed, efficiency and confidence. Whether you need help with a self-contained project or ongoing technical resources, we can help your team advance your organization’s objectives. Contact us to start a conversation.


Especially as your cloud-based infrastructure grows in complexity, it’s easy to end up spending inefficiently, unless you’re taking the time to monitor your cloud spend, reassess your architecture and look for under-utilized resources and inefficiencies. In partnership with CloudHealth Technologies, we give you essential insight into your cloud spend and performance and help you optimize speed, agility, risk resilience and cost.

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) review
  • Spend forecasting & monitoring
  • Reserved Instance utilization
  • Tech debt remediation


G2 Tech Group’s partnership with CloudHealth Technologies allows our customers to minimize their AWS spend and maximize their value with consolidated dashboards and on-demanding reporting, along with agile governance control that monitors their spend.

SECURE: AWS Security Best Practices


Cloud security requires specialized knowledge, constant vigilance and ongoing management. We can help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities, establish best practices for maintaining optimal security and triage alerts to keep your team focused on their most important work.

  • AWS security best practices
  • Intrusion and threat detection
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Incident response


Threat Stack and G2 Tech Group enable our clients to scale with confidence by identifying and verifying insider threats, external attacks and data loss in real-time. Threat Stack is the only fully integrated, cloud-native security platform that won’t slow down your operations.



Effective use of automation can free your team to work faster and more productively. Reducing the risk of human error in your processes allows you to focus on innovation and experimentation, responding rapidly to market forces and new institutional initiatives. Robust automation can give you the confidence that your production systems can scale seamlessly to meet changing usage demands without excessive over-provisioning.

  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Release automation
  • Autoscaling
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Automation scripting
  • Log aggregation


Ansible is the simplest way to automate in the cloud, from clouds to containers and everything in between. Ansible allows G2 Tech Group to manage complex deployments by adding control and delegation to the environments.



G2’s team of AWS Certified Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers are experts in cloud infrastructure and automation. The cloud is what we do—all day, every day, across a wide range of industries—and you can benefit from that “been there, done that” experience. We can help your team identify opportunities for better leveraging cloud and automation technologies, set priorities and timelines and architect specific solutions for implementation.

Technical Assessment


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