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“G2 impresses us with their cloud expertise—they are a great sounding board for any questions we have and always bring us up-to-speed quickly on any new AWS features. With their help, we have practically created a ‘push-button’ environment in the cloud.
Scott McKay CTO | ZappRX

Exosome Diagnostics Positions Itself for Growth as G2 Tech Group Streamlines the Transition to Amazon Web Services

“Partnering with G2 Tech Group and utilizing Amazon Web Service’s secure public cloud provide a level of comfort to our pharmaceutical partners who want to ensure the files and data we collaborate on together are protected at all times. Shortly after G2 architected our AWS environment, we closed on three new partners and now have several more in our pipeline — G2 plays a key role in our company’s growth.”

John Healy
Vice President of Informatics
Exosome Diagnostics

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The Challenge

The Healthcare Industry quickly recognized the value of Exosome Diagnostics’ ability to avoid biopsies by using biofluid diagnostics to detect molecular mutations in tumors based on RNA, DNA and proteins extracted from exosomes. As several large pharmaceutical companies indicated a desire to form a strategic partnership with Exosome, they realized the time had arrived to increase the company’s technology capacity.

Explains Healy, “We were relying on a hosted private cloud IT environment that could not scale to handle the interactions we anticipated having with pharmaceutical firms through our Laboratory Information Management System, the primary application that drives our business and which requires heavy processing. We thus wanted to move our existing infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud platform.”

The Solution

Exosome looked at partners who could deploy and manage AWS environments. But none of them received serious consideration after the initial meetings with G2 Tech Group.

“The many real-world AWS solutions G2 has built in the past are very impressive, and then meeting the team in person convinced us of their technical prowess and responsiveness,” say Healy. “It has been a cooperative engagement from the outset—G2 does not try to dictate what we should do, yet they offer solid knowledge of the best practices to consider.”

The Results

  • Streamlines the launch of a new business model to enable online collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Provides controlled online content sharing (via where sensitive documents can be protected from access by unauthorized end users.
  • Ensures IT infrastructure operates reliably and optimally for end users in the US and in Germany.
  • Creates a scalable infrastructure that can expand quickly as business requirements change.
  • Generates alerts and provides support before compute resources experience performance issues so potential problems can be mitigated before end users are impacted.
  • Reduces cloud-computing costs by ensuring efficient usage of virtual server reserved instances—automatically turning them off when no longer needed.

The cutover for end users went smoothly as G2 set up the Laboratory Information Management System, AWS Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a QuickBooks server and Microsoft Office 365. G2 also configured OKTA, a cloud-based identity and access management solution that gives users quick access to all AWS systems.

“The AWS monitoring provided by G2’s DevOps Accelerator helps us know if a hard disc, for example, is filling up ahead of time, and then they make the necessary changes in advance so our work day does not get interrupted,” says Vasisht Tadigotla, Head of Informatics at Exosome Diagnostics. “This allows us to focus our time on strategic projects rather than provisioning and monitoring IT. G2 is a great partner to help us take the company forward.”


Runkeeper Leverages G2 Expertise for AWS Migration with Near-Zero Downtime

“By relying on G2 to manage and monitor our AWS cloud platform, we no longer have to spend time on system maintenance and stability. That makes it a lot easier for our internal team to focus on building and improving features so we can deliver better apps to our customers.”

Steve Huff
Site Reliability Engineer | Runkeeper

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With the help of moonlighting engineers, CEO Jason Jacobs first launched the Runkeeper fitness tracking application for iOS in 2008 followed by an application for Android in 2010. Today, Runkeeper is used by more than 50 million walkers, runners and cyclists to compile detailed statistics on their pace, distance and time. In February 2016, the company was acquired by ASICS.

The Challenge

As the growth of its customer base continued to accelerate, the Runkeeper senior management team realized user demand on the company’s hosted data center infrastructure would soon exceed the available compute resources. Because the data center could not add any additional storage, if the database reached the limit, the Runkeeper application would simply shut down.

Runkeeper was also concerned about distributed denial-of-service attacks on other clients in the data center. Even though Runkeeper was not the target, these attacks impacted customer connectivity.

Moving the data center to a public cloud platform was the logical choice for increased scalability and improved performance. But careful planning and execution would also be required to successfully migrate the company’s SQL database. Runkeeper could not afford any downtime.

The Solution

Having already utilized Amazon Web Services for smaller environments, Runkeeper trusted the public cloud platform to provide the compute performance, flexibility and scalability the company required. When approaching Amazon about building a platform for the database and six production applications, Amazon strongly recommended that Runkeeper collaborate with a consulting partner and pointed to G2 Tech Group as the perfect choice.

G2 worked closely with Runkeeper and its database management company, 2nd Quadrant ( to plan a streaming replication process to migrate the database and the applications over to AWS. Once the switch was flipped, Runkeeper slowly increased the percentage of traffic hitting the applications and the database in the previous data center over to AWS. This approach kept application downtime for the 40 million customers to less than one hour.

For Runkeeper, the partnership with G2 and AWS has also generated several additional key benefits:

  • Improved overall experiences for customers as they interact with the Runkeeper applications.
  • On-going managed DevOps that keeps applications and the database running smoothly while internal resources focus on developing feature improvements.
  • Fast triage and resolution that solve most performance issues and fully inform the internal IT team on any issues that require escalation.
  • No more need to worry about denial-of-services attacks.

 “G2 is responsive and articulate—they take the time to get to know us personally, and they care about the performance of our applications,” says Steve Huff, Site Reliability Engineer for Runkeeper. “As G2 monitors our cloud environment, we can sleep through the night and not get paged for trivial issues that can be resolved in five minutes.”


ZappRX Makes Smooth Transition to AWS by Relying on G2’s Expertise

“G2 impresses us with their cloud expertise—they are a great sounding board for any questions we have and always bring us up-to-speed quickly on any new AWS features. With their help, we have practically created a ‘push-button’ environment in the cloud.”

Scott McKay | CTO | ZappRx

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ZappRx is modernizing and simplifying the way specialty medications are managed. The company provides a secure, collaborative online platform that allows physicians and pharmacists to work together to improve patient access to treatment while also delivering medicine faster with fewer hassles and greater transparency.

The Challenge

As customer demand grew for the ZappRx platform, the company needed to expand its data center computing capacity. Senior management considered the choice of a maintaining internal control with the large capital expense of building its own on premise data center vs. the smaller monthly operational expense of utilizing a cloud platform provider.

Another key decision was whether to hire an internal team to manage and monitor the data center or partner with a managed DevOps provider. Outsourcing both the data center and the management function would require developing a high level of trust with external partners—especially where ZappRX must ensure its medication management platform conforms to HIPAA regulations.

The Solution

ZappRx found the answers to its challenges by turning to G2 Tech Group and Amazon Web Services (AWS). G2 consulted and advised on how to best set up the AWS environment in order to transition the ZappRx platform to the cloud with minimal business interruptions. G2 also helped build the initial development, testing, demo and production environments so ZappRX can now automatically roll code from one environment to the other.

After also making sure the AWS platform properly complies with HIPAA regulations and remains secure, G2 has since monitored the cloud environment to ensure the ZappRX applications continue to meet the needs of patients, physicians and pharmacists around the clock. With the cloud platform fully built, internal ZappRx resources now add new computing components when necessary.

In addition to providing ZappRX with a continuous integration environment across the application lifecycle, the partnership with G2 and AWS has generated several key benefits:

  • Eliminates capital expenditures for purchasing on premise data center hardware and software as well as on-going overhead costs for power and cooling.
  • Removes the cost of hiring internal staff for data center management and monitoring.
  • Enables internal IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day data center issues.
  • Helps maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Provides on-going expertise on cloud computing best practices to further enhance platform performance.
  • Ensures applications can scale easily and spins up new machines quickly through auto scaling and managed configuration capabilities.

“In addition to all these benefits, it’s great that we don’t have to be on call at night or the weekend,” adds Alejandro Sedeño, Senior Software Engineer of ZappRx. “If something goes wrong, G2 can resolve almost every issue, and if something does need to be escalated to our internal team, they do a great job of first eliminating the obvious possible causes and then briefing us on what they have discovered. This saves us a lot of troubleshooting time.”

Peregrine Energy Group

To Drive Optimal Application Performance in the Cloud for Customers, Peregrine Energy Group Trusts G2 Tech Group

“G2 is a great cloud computing partner—we rely on them to understand how to correctly configure various AWS components such as subnets and security groups. They also manage our backups and are helping to steer us onto the right the path for automating many AWS processes.”

Sam Gechter | Vice President, Product Management and Operations | Peregrine Energy Group

Peregrine Energy Group helps organizations make better decisions about their energy usage. The company offers unique expertise in energy data analysis and provides guidance to help customers that manage multiple buildings and complex energy challenges understand their energy picture, manage their energy costs, and achieve their energy goals.

The Challenge
Peregrine Energy Group delivers energy data analysis reports to customers through cloud-based applications hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the applications integrate with a database server hosted by a third-party data center. As the internal systems administrator—who monitored and managed both the application and database infrastructures—planned to depart, Peregrine found itself needing another way to ensure the two cloud environments would continue delivering reliable energy analysis to customers.

Sam Gechter, Vice President of Product Management and Operations for Peregrine Energy Group, decided this was the perfect opportunity to turn to an outsource partner to manage and monitor the two cloud environments. In addition to eliminating the cost of hiring and employing a full-time systems administrator, Gechter also hoped to more efficiently manage the cloud environments.

The Solution

To find a reliable cloud management and monitoring partner, Gechter considered multiple firms but chose the partner introduced by AWS: G2 Tech Group. In addition to demonstrating expertise in managing and monitoring cloud environments, G2 distinguished itself from the other firms in consideration. G2 Managed DevOps specifically offers the flexibility to manage and monitor cloud infrastructures hosted not only by AWS, but also by other third-party hosted environments. That’s exactly what Peregrine needed.

G2 provides preconfigured scripts that make configuration clean-ups a lot easier. Another G2 service that plays a key role for Peregrine is the use of the CloudHealth cloud management platform. CloudHealth gives Peregrine a better understanding of what drives cloud computing costs and where the company can make changes to save on costs.

Backed by consulting expertise from G2, CloudHealth provides Peregrine with integrated reporting, infrastructure configuration recommendations, and active policy management. These capabilities help control cloud costs and optimize the performance of the Peregrine infrastructure.

The G2 partnership has generated several key benefits for Peregrine:
  • Ensures optimal performance of cloud architectures supporting applications and databases delivering services to customers.
  • Eliminates the salary and benefits cost of hiring an internal systems administrator.
  • Provides access to experts who can advise on cloud computing best practices that further optimize application and database performance.
  • Determines the exact compute resources required for each server instance that’s needed during the software development, test and production lifecycle.

“With G2 managing our cloud environment, we have more confidence that our architecture is configured correctly, such as security groups being set up and managed properly,” says Gechter. “G2 also advises us on the best practices for how systems should run in AWS—we usually find out what we need to know in 10 minutes rather than spending hours researching best practices on our own.”

But the biggest benefit of the G2 partnership according to Gechter is that he doesn’t have to worry about applications at night or over the weekend: “I just check my email the next day, and if a system went down, I can see that G2 worked with AWS to get it back up and running quickly—without involving me. If something breaks, they take care of it, which gives us peace-of-mind, knowing our customers can always access the energy reports they require.”

EyeNetra Achieves Security And Compliance

Achieves Security
And Compliance

“The best aspect of G2 is the customization of their solutions to our specific needs. As opposed to just buying an off-the-shelf, server-side stack, G2 helped us to define our needs and estimate the usage growth over time in order to provide the most cost-efficiency for each stage of our products.”

Vitor Pamplona | CTO, Founder | EyeNetra

EyeNetra, a venture-backed start-up company based in Massachusetts, is the creator of Netra G, the world’s first smartphone-based optical measurement system. The Netra G lets users take accurate eyeglass measurements and connects them with a local eye care professional, all from their personal mobile device.

To make Netra G work, EyeNetra had to successfully upload many large, high-resolution image files to a secure, HIPAA-compliant server. Seeking a strategic partner with proven HIPAA-compliant cloud management expertise, the company approached G2 Technology Group.

In order to provide EyeNetra with the secure, scalable and HIPAA-compliant cloud architecture it needed, G2 created a virtual private cloud (VPC) infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By working with the AWS VPC experts, EyeNetra received:

    All application data was encrypted at rest and in flight, ensuring HIPAA compliance.
    Multiple availability zones and backup/restore strategies provided maximum resilience to server failure.
    Database tuning, replication and encryption services improved performance.


“Using Ansible Tower, CommunityCo can now allow their global development team to update their application functionality 24/7. These changes can happen quickly and consistently, which has led to reduced downtime and increased the number of deployments.”

Kiril Dubrovsky
Senior Solutions Architect
G2 Tech Group

CommunityCo builds personalized, invitation-only communities using data, technology and concierge-level community management to connect professionals to the right peers and resources they need — exactly when they need it. Learn more at

CommunityCo had minimal code deployment automation and no server automation. All server deployment tasks were processed manually. Unsurprisingly, deployments ate up a lot of time and created serious potential for both human error and inconsistencies between development and production environments.


Using Ansible’s Amazon Web Services cloud module, G2 architected a solution for CommunityCo to better manage updates with automation by:

  • Deploying and configuring Amazon Elastic Load Balancers and Autoscaling Groups
  • Automating EC2 and RDS instance deployment across multiple application stacks
  • Scripting rolling updates for patching and overall release management from version control
  • Enabling application installation on the fly via automated AMI bundling


Today, CommunityCo benefits from:

  • A repeatable deployment process, facilitating the creation of UAT and SIT environments with the push of a button
  • The ability to release code into production in seconds
  • A reusable and consistent process that helps mitigate human error
  • A clear rollback strategy that mitigates the impact of unforeseen anomalies


“Ansible playbooks have allowed us to automate over 50 individual steps at Percussion.”

Kiril Dubrovsky
Senior Solutions Architect
G2 Tech Group

Percussion Software, is a web content management system created with marketers in mind. Percussion makes it easy and affordable to create and maintain engaging and modern websites to increase traffic, drive revenue, promote thought leadership, and create compelling online customer experiences. Learn more at

To contain costs and streamline operations, Percussion Software needed a way to consolidate its multi-tiered SaaS application stack into a single EC2 instance for every customer.

The Challenge

Percussion Engineering and G2 developed an Ansible driven Docker container deployment and configuration strategy that included:

  • Deployment of an Amazon VPC, as well as configured subnets, routing, security groups, S3 buckets and Route 53
  • EC2 instance deployment in the Amazon VPC
  • Installation of Docker (and additional support services) onto EC2 instances
  • Pulling appropriate Docker containers into an EC2 Docker host
  • An updated inventory table in Amazon DynamoDB

The Solution
Percussion Software, now has a fully automated (with an end-to-end product deployment) process for spinning up new customers. Its sales team can now easily execute processes without involvement from technical operation resources, which, in turn, enables Percussion Software to move faster with greater flexibility to operate at peak potential.

All Inbox Embraces DevOps, Deploys Faster

All Inbox
Embraces DevOps,
Deploys Faster

All Inbox, a digital marketing company focused on results-oriented email marketing, helps clients connect consumers with contextually relevant digital content. All Inbox provides data partners with a turnkey operation that includes services such as creative newsletter template development, content selection and advertising optimization, dedicated account management and KPI reporting.

As All Inbox grew, it needed to expand its labor capacity and business agility significantly to accommodate increasing demand and meet user expectations. It also needed a scalable cloud environment capable of hosting its growing application. Seeking help, they contacted G2, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner.

To help All Inbox accelerate and scale, G2 implemented DevOps strategy and automation, architected a highly flexible cloud environment and provided managed support services.

By working with G2, All Inbox experienced:

    Through DevOps automation, All Inbox’s new resource, application and update deployment time decreased significantly.
    Scalable cloud design ensured that All Inbox’s application could handle any user volume at any time.
    G2’s AWS knowledge and experience helped All Inbox host its application on the right cloud, for the right price.

Courtagen Deploys, Scales And Encrypts Its Mobile App

Courtagen Deploys,
Scales And Encrypts
Its Mobile App

“We needed to focus on our core competencies. Even if we wanted to be number one at running a datacenter, we’re not going to compete with Amazon.”

Brendan McKernan
Courtagen Life Sciences

Courtagen Life Sciences provides individual genomic analysis for neurological and metabolic disorders, delivering tools that allow researchers and clinicians to make better decisions regarding patient care and drug development. Courtagen is committed to helping physicians, families and children suffering from neurological disorders.

As Courtagen grew, it encountered challenges while migrating from EC2-Classic to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

G2 helped Courtagen implement a highly scalable and resilient bioinformatics solution, performing genetic sequencing on mobile devices through MongoDB, StarCluster and AWS services, all while meeting HIPAA infrastructure requirements.

By working with G2, Courtagen received:

    Automatic scaling of compute clusters prepared Courtagen’s mobile app for fluctuating demand.
    Multiple availability zones provided strong resistance to server failure.
    End-to-end data encryption protected patient information and ensured HIPAA compliance.

Jumpstart Improves Scalability, Reduces Costs

Improves Scalability,
Reduces Costs

Jumpstart is a national early education organization that recruits and trains college students and Community Corps members to serve preschool children in low-income neighborhoods. Its proven curriculum helps children develop the language and literacy skills they need to be ready for school, closing the achievement gap as early as possible.

Looking to align its resources with aggressive growth goals, Jumpstart reached out to G2 for a Business Technology Assessment. G2 created a cloud-computing improvement roadmap for Jumpstart’s senior leadership and later implemented several improvement projects, including a full VMWare virtual server implementation and consolidation project.

By working with G2, Jumpstart was able to:

  • Improve cloud scalability by moving from an on-premises to hybrid IT solution
  • Reduce its physical and virtual server footprint by 65%, cutting overhead costs significantly

Today, G2 provides ongoing managed support for six offices nationwide and their geographically dispersed user base.

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