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Accelerate your technology and your business, achieve continuous integration and reach milestones with lightning speed.

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Any technology firm can take your applications and business to the cloud. But, to successfully achieve your next growth phase and crush your business goals, you need more.

You need a partner that accelerates your business, drives continuous improvement and unlocks your cloud technology’s full potential.

You need strategy, service and support delivered by ambitious, innovative minds – minds as passionate about your cloud as you are about your business.

In other words: You need G2.

Server Space Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

G2’s Managed DevOps, Managed Cloud and Managed Helpdesk services are designed from the ground up for entrepreneurs. Our cloud strategy, planning and execution help growing businesses migrate, automate application delivery and ensure total scalability, quickly.

Our DevOps Accelerator Platform is what sets G2’s Managed DevOps and Cloud services apart – because it’s so much more than server space and tools.

It’s a strategic process, created by the brightest Solutions Architects in the business. It’s driven by success-hungry DevOps Engineers and guided by technology and business performance metrics. It gets you launched, scalable and continually improving on a timetable that sets you apart from the competition.

Simply put: It works. Here’s how.

360° DevOps Lifecycle Management

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G2’s proven 360° DevOps Lifecycle Management gives you the DevOps strategy, expertise, tools and processes that accelerate development, deployment and growth in the cloud.

By trusting your cloud design and management to G2, your business benefits from:

  • A scalable, automated cloud environment that fits your application, business and budget like a glove
  • Strategy and best practices from Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers with deep cloud experience
  • Continuous improvement driven by rigorous benchmark analyses

You also get a dedicated watchman working for you around the clock. We monitor your cloud infrastructure and address any issue with lightning speed, day or night.

The Accelerators

Skilled, experienced Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers are hard to find and expensive to recruit. But, here’s some good news: When you work with G2, you have The Accelerators in your corner. They design, build and automate your cloud, putting their collective client knowledge and learned best practices to work for you.

The Solutions Architects

The Solutions Architects

These are the masterminds behind your Managed DevOps and Cloud services. They shape your strategy and design your architecture, tailoring it perfectly to your business’s goals, needs and budget.

EThe DevOps Engineers

The DevOps Engineers

These are the skilled engineers building, automating and monitoring your cloud architecture. They create and execute automated tasks, making continuous improvement and delivery a breeze.

3A Benchmarking

To ensure high performance and scalability, your cloud strategy must be guided by tangible, real-world analytics and insights. A cloud strategy based on intuition instead of evidence is doomed to fail.

To keep your cloud running at peak performance, we utilize 3A Benchmarking, a series of rigorous analytics aimed at exposing your cloud’s bottlenecks and weak points. We Analyze your cloud’s key performance metrics, Adjust our strategy and make necessary changes to Accelerate your business’ success.

We monitor your cloud performance and provide:

We monitor your cloud performance and provide:

  • Continuous integration, collaboration and planning
  • High availability and autoscaling
  • Forward-thinking recommendations on architecture

Proven AWS Expertise

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services, G2 possesses deep knowledge of AWS automation, scaling and cost-optimization features and functionalities.

We’ve worked closely with Amazon for years, know their cloud technology like we built it, use that knowledge to architect better clouds and save you money while doing it. We’re highly certified, recognized winners in the healthcare and life sciences sector, and we’re skilled at using AWS to get the most benefits possible from DevOps automation.

By working with Boston’s premier AWS expert, your growing business benefits from:

We monitor your cloud performance and provide:
    We help you separate the “must haves” from the “nice to haves.”
    Industry-leading autoscaling lets your business handle any volume, anytime.
    Advanced monitoring features enable us to identify and resolve issues rapidly, 24/7/365.

Pair your entrepreneurial business with the cloud it needs.

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